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Asking the Right Questions!

This week, we are sharing our thoughts on some of the key points to consider when you purchase equipment to train your pet. This is often an overlooked area when purchasing training equipment.

Dog training supplies are most likely available in your local pet store or if you live a bit out the way, you can easily order online and have it delivered within a week!

Whenever we get asked for our recommendations on purchasing training equipment (and pet accessories more broadly), these are a few key areas that we recommend you should consider:

Avoid dangerous equipment – Avoid equipment that restricts your dogs breathing or drastically reduces their movement (unless this is a specific requirement and under the guidance of a training professional).

Quality over price
– There are a number of brand options available to consumers, don’t always select the cheapest option but rather assess the quality of the products (Reading product reviews is always a great starting point). There have been far too many horror stories of harnesses, collars and leads breaking due to poor manufacturing quality (Especially where you may be crossing a road).

Great fit – Ensure that your equipment fits your pet comfortably, this can be tough for dogs such as pugs, bulldogs, staffies where the neck, head and chest does not fit well with most standard brands. (Fuzzy Clan designs a neck adjustable harness specifically for this reason), you will save time and money by measuring up!

Avoid harmful materials – Ensure that if purchasing toys or items to be used in training that it is not manufactured of harmful materials if digested. (Especially if your pet enjoys chewing toys)

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