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Dog Toilet Training – A How-to Guide

As part of Pet training posts, this week we are tackling the tricky Dog Toilet Training topic!

Unless you have a sixth sense, you can’t predict when and where your dog is going to need the toilet and providing them with some training is necessary for your pet (and your own sanity!).

Let’s be frank, toilet training is something of a time consuming and difficult task but with major upside once you have it right!

Wild dogs, as nature intended have the ability to go whenever and wherever they please, however in a house/apartment and with a possible limit on outside space, we need to ensure they know where their toilet area is and when to best use it.

Location Location Location!

When you start out toilet training, it is in your (and your pets) best interest to give your pet a place of their own, this could be a secure indoor or outdoor space where your pet’s toys, bed, food, water and toilet area are. Cover the area that remains once the toys, bed, food and water have been placed, with newspaper/ urine pads, this will be their “toilet area” to begin with. When you leave the house/apartment make sure your pet is secure in this space and cannot escape.

When you are out at work or running errands, your pet will need the toilet and will most likely go where is convenient (It is in their nature not to relieve themselves where they sleep or eat, so it would be highly unlikely they would relieve themselves on their bedding).

Over time your pet will pick a place and start to do their business in the one place when this starts to happen, gradually start removing the newspaper/urine pads from the area furthest away from their chosen spot.

Continue this until a small space remains available for your pet to go to the toilet, if they relieve themselves and miss the newspaper/urine pads, you may be moving too fast and need to go back a step or two. The older your pet, the better ability they will have to control their bladder movements.

Consistency is Key for Dog Toilet Training

When you are at home, spend as much time with your dog as possible. Every 45 minutes or so take your dog outside and whenever they go to the toilet outside, ensure you praise them with enthusiasm, do this every time that they relieve themselves outside. This constant repetition of going outside and praising them when they relieve themselves, will instil confidence and slowly reinforce the routine of where to go to the toilet. Once your pet is a bit older and has better bladder control, they will be able to wait until you are able to let them out. Alternatively, if they do not have access to an outdoor area while you are away for long periods at a time, it may be worthwhile to leave a small section indoors that is covered by newspaper/urine pad so they can use if necessary.

What not to do

Never scold your dog for relieving themselves in the house, especially if you have not taken the time to properly train them. You need to invest time in toilet training, to ensure your pet understands the routine. Some accidents may happen along the way!

Remember, consistency is key!

Until next time,

Matt and Kayleigh

Matt A.

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